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Smart Bedside Lamp

Unique Desk Lamps, Small Desk Light, Bedroom Reading Lights

To have eye protection unique desk lamps is to increase reading efficiency. U2C small desk light is more than a lamp, it's also a decoration. Our bendable bedroom reading lights will be a good life partner.

Why You Need Unique Desk Lamps?
1. U2C small desk light with outlet and wireless charging brings you a fabulous reading, studying, and relaxing environment;
2. A wide dimming range from 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, to 100% makes bedroom reading lights great source of brightness;
3. With touch control and wireless charging functions, our unique desk lamps will alleviate your concerns about power shortage;
4. To protect your eyes from blue light and visual impairment, we adopt innovative natural light technology for our small desk light;
5. Download Tuya APP on phone to control your bedroom reading lights anywhere through Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant voice control.
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