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Smart Air Humidifier

Small Humidifier, Oil Diffuser, Personal Humidifier

A portable small humidifier, U2C designed this essential oil diffuser to meet different people's needs. With a smart personal humidifier, you'll have the joy of everyday life. Care from U2C small personal humidifier & oil diffuser.

U2C small humidifier is both an oil diffuser and a decoration matched with color-changing night light, making home comfortable. Another feature of this personal humidifier is the smart function. When WiFi is available, you only need to tap on Tuya APP to control it. Combined with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa, you'll experience the convenience brought by U2C small humidifier. Buy small humidifier, oil diffuser, personal humidifier now!

1. Small humidifier timer: 1H/3H

2. Oil diffuser LED light: RGB dimmable

3. Personal humidifier connection: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

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